This section includes details of Recent Publications: articles, monographs, book chapters, reports,  media outputs. Comment and opinion  pieces, book reviews,  and features published in  regular academic/HE news outlets  like the THE or The Conversation are also welcome.

You are invited to  add to  this news and publication  exchange by sending  details of your own publications as they come out to Janet Wilson (  responsible for Academic output on the website,  for uploading onto the website.

Below is a link:  e.g. The Conversation:

Our new  Committee member, Professor Roger Watson,  shares details of his own pieces published in The Conversation and the Times Higher Educational Supplement.’

‘NCUP Awards’ 2019

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Report on NCUP AGM 22 March 2019

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Letter from the President of the NCUP, Professor Terence Davis OBE – April, 2019

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Letter from the President of the NCUP, Professor Terence Davis OBE – January 2019

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NCUP Sponsorship Scheme

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Symposium on Ethics & Survival; Katherine Mansfield Sculpture Unveiled at Bad Worishofen, Germany

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Professor Margaret Cox gives talk on the changing nature of researching IT in Education

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September 30th – University of Kent Honorary Professor at the Centre for Professional Practice in Top 1% of Peer Reviewers for Clinical Medicine

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July 29th – Professor Janet Wilson: Keynote address at International Conference in Bihar, India

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July 17th – CBE awarded to Professor Emeritus Rosemary Davis in Queen’s Birthday Honours

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July 8th – Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI): The Student Academic Experience Report June 2018

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June 7th – Roger Watson, University of Hull, ‘Stuck in a moment’

Here is the second article in our series ‘What do Professors do in their spare time?’

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April 14th – Contributions from members, etc.

Dear Colleague,

I last wrote to you on the 16th March to let you know outcomes of our AGM. On this occasion I shall make just three brief points:

First, I remind you that the latest day for registering to attend the House of Lords lunch on the 16th May is the 30th April.   Baroness Alison Wolf is the speaker, her subject, ‘British Universities as International Institutions: Are They Under Threat?’ I believe you are aware that attendance may be as an individual, with family or with friend/s. For further information, please contact our Executive Officer asap – her email address is <>

Secondly, we have this week, launched on our website NCUP, under the ‘NEWS’ heading, ‘Contributions from members, ‘What do Professors do in their spare time’’?.

We hope to place a new  one on the website at approximately monthly intervals, you may wish to read  them. Further, you may wish to contribute under the ‘NEWS’, in due course.

Finally, during my period of office as President, it is really necessary to increase membership.  If every member introduced a successful candidate just once in the calendar year, obviously, we would double our number. I bring your attention to our website NCUP, again, on  this occasion it is under ‘JOIN US’.  There is now an additional category of Associate member, designed for senior University academic staff who are not already Professors. This may also interest one (or more) of your colleagues. It does state on the website: ‘Those wishing a membership application form or further information, please contact by email either: the President, Professor Terence Davis OBE, <> or Cheryl Humphrey, Executive Officer, NCUP. <>.

With best wishes

Terence Davis
Professor Terence Davis OBE
President, NCUP

April 12th – Professor Duska Rosenberg on ‘How I discovered digital forensics’

This month we are introducing the series of contributions from NCUP members about their activities when they are not working on their university tasks. Just about everything in real life can lead to new learning, new research and new publications.

We hope to publish one contribution every month, but if we have a large number of contributions from members, we will increase the frequency.  The series will be convened by Duska Rosenberg who is willing to answer any questions. Please send your queries and responses to the question “What do Professors do in their spare time?” to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We launch the series with the contribution from Professor Duska Rosenberg, Professor Emerita (iCOM) University of London: “How I discovered digital forensics”.

Duska retired from Royal Holloway University of London in October 2011 where she was Professor in Information and Communications Technologies and Director of the multi-disciplinary iCOM -Centre for Research in Information, Computing and Communication. She has since formed a not-for-profit organisation iCOM ICT continuing her scientific research and its impact in real-life. She is Council member and Fellow of NCUP.

March 17th

Professor Terence Davis, recently appointed President of the NCUP, sent the following letter to all NCUP members:

16th March 2018

Dear Colleague
I  write, briefly, to let you know of changes in roles and membership of  the NCUP Council, approved at the annual AGM held on the 13th March, 2018.
After four years at the helm, Professor Emeritus Margaret Cox OBE AKC FNCUP has retired from the position of President.  We thank her most warmly for the immense time and effort that she has devoted to our organisation, far exceeding the ‘normal call of duty’.
I have taken over her role as President and look forward to meeting many members.  One of the many pleasures of being a member of NCUP is meeting Professors from diverse backgrounds.  
Professor Janet Wilson has been unanimously voted in to take over my previous position of Vice President.  I very much look forward to working with her and the other current members of Council.  These remain the same, except for one most welcome addition; Professor Kenneth Eaton, the Immediate past Chair of the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe.
I take this opportunity of reminding members that the House of Lords luncheon is on the 16th May.  If you are hoping to come, with or without guest/s, please contact Cheryl  Humphrey,  our Executive Officer, who is kindly sending out this email on my behalf.
If you wish to contact me direct, I shall be delighted to hear from you, my email address is
With best wishes
Terence Davis
Professor Emeritus Terence Davis OBE, Hon.DLitt, FNCUP
NCUP President