What is the National Conference of University Professors ?

The NCUP was founded in 1989 by a group who felt that professors have a particular responsibility for the academic directions of universities and that a forum for discussion and expression of their voice on such issues was needed.
The NCUP is a non-political organisation aiming to promote beneficial developments in the UK university system.
The NCUP can arrange dialogues with professors over a range of issues for which they have responsibility.
Our membership is broadly distributed geographically and covers all disciplines across the arts, sciences, technology, humanities and social sciences.

Who runs the NCUP ?

The Honorary President and Vice-President are elected annually to serve for periods of two years.

The Council of the NCUP also includes nine ordinary members who are elected to serve for three years. Up to three other members may be co-opted by the Council at any meeting, and thereby many colleagues are invited in succession to attend meetings of the Council.

The Work of the NCUP

The NCUP provides a forum for professors to network and participate in seminars and other functions which help the current debate on all the issues which are relevant to the working life of a professor today.

The NCUP maintains discussion with senior figures in politics and higher education

The NCUP responds to discussion papers on matters relevant to higher education.Responses have covered the government’s white paper, research funding and the place of the UK university system in Europe.

The NCUP issues press releases and sends letters to the press to disseminate the views of the membership on specific issues. Good contacts have been established with the press on higher education matters.

The NCUP Council corresponds regularly with members. Newsletters, working papers, minutes of meetings and documents from other organisations are circulated to members.

The NCUP, runs seminars. These may be held jointly with other organisations. Recent titles include Interprofessional Collaboration for Sustainability, Mentoring and Support of Young Career Researchers and Spaced Out: Physical Space and Technology Needs in Universities Today. Reduced fees for these seminars are offered to current and joining members of the NCUP.

The NCUP has commissioned a series of studies of issues of concern to the professoriate, e.g. some of those published so far include:

You can download our constitution here Constitution (PDF document).

Registered Charity Number 1180796.