Message from Baroness Perry

Message from Baroness Perry

From Baroness Perry

The past year has been an extraordinary experience for us all. Sadly, it has denied us the pleasure of meeting for the annual lunch in the Lords, an event to which I and many others had looked forward.

I’m so pleased to know that NCUP is still keeping active in the new reality of Zoom and Teams and that our Officers are all in good health and good heart.

Universities, like so many other sectors, have faced huge difficulties during the pandemic and many members will have been struggling with online teaching and financial stringency. NCUP provides a forum of support and friendship to all members as the times bring so many challenges and hardship.

I send my warmest greetings to all in NCUP, wishing everyone a happy and productive 2021 and looking forward very much to meeting again one day.

Baroness Perry of Southwark