NCUP – Annual Education Lecture addressed by Dr Stephen Barber – 21st February 2020

NCUP – Annual Education Lecture addressed by Dr Stephen Barber – 21st February 2020

What Happens Now ‘Brexit is Done’?

“Now that the withdrawal bill has passed and the UK is leaving the EU, it must face up to the fundamental contradictions presented by Brexit. Universities must navigate the confusion.

For Britain, this is about addressing, on the one hand, the rejection of globalisation demanded by so many leave voters who have felt threatened economically, while on the other hand, forging new market partnerships around the world with an attractive open UK economy. It is a contradiction and a demand underlined so forcefully by the December general election which reinforced the message as traditional working-class Labour voters in the midlands and the north voted Conservative in response to Boris Johnson’s populist message ‘Let’s get Brexit Done’.

Universities have a dual role to play here: First, as a significant part of the British economy, reaching into cities and regions across the country, attracting students internationally. Secondly, as part of the solution to the contradiction by supporting, for example, education, training, lifelong learning, distance education, creativity, innovation and productivity. ”

This event will be taking place within the Gordon Museum of Pathology (not open to the public) in Guy’s Hospital, London. The NCUP Council hope you will be interested to attend this event, which will be followed by the NCUP AGM.

The programme for the day is as follows:

Registration & Buffet: 13.30 – 14.30
Annual Education Lecture: 14.30 – 15.20
NCUP AGM (Members only) 15.25 – 16.45

Tickets are available online or by post, completing the form and sending it to:

Mrs Cheryl Humphrey, FRSA
NCUP Executive Officer
1a Winterhill Way
Mobile:  07587 282627