Recent Publications – Roger Watson

Recent Publications – Roger Watson

Wray J, Gibson H, Barrett D, Watson R (2020) Approaches used to enhance transition and retention for newly qualified nurses (NQNs): a rapid evidence assessment Nurse Education Today doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2020.104651

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Palese A, Achbani B, Hayter M, Watson R (2020) Fidelity challenges while implementing an intervention aimed at increasing eating performance among nursing home residents with cognitive decline: a multicentre, qualitative descriptive study design Journal of Clinical Nursing doi: 10.1111/jocn.15507

Ali P, Watson R (2020) Spousal violence: a Mokken scaling analysis of attitudes of South Asian men and women Violence and Victims doi:10.1891/VV-D-18-00043

Benton D, Tierney A, Watson R McCourt K (2020) An Enduring Legacy: The contributions of Royal College of Nursing Fellows to nursing science Nursing Standard 35:10, 27-34

Bagnasco A, Zanini M, Catania G, Watson R, Hayter M, Dasso N, Dini G, Godia A, Pasquarella CM, Zotti C, Urando D, Sasso L (2020) Predicting needlestick and sharps injuries in nursing students: development of the SNNIP scale Nursing Open 7: 1578– 1587.

Palese A, Gonella S, Grassetti L, Longobardi M, De Caro A, Schil I, Hayter M, Watson R (2020) What nursing home environments can maximise eating independence among residents with cognitive impairment? Findings from a secondary analysis Geriatric Nursing 41, 709-716

Aleo, G, Bagnasco, A, Cozzani E, Parodi A, Cannavò SP, Watson R, Hayter M, Geddes L, Catania G, Zanini M, Sasso L (2020) Sun-safe behaviours, personal risk, level of concern, and knowledge about cutaneous melanoma in Italy: time for social marketing? Melanoma risk, knowledge and behaviour in Italy Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene 61: E246-E258

Palese A. Bressan V, Hayter M, Watson R (2020) Enhancing independent eating among older adults with dementia: a scoping review of the state of the conceptual and research literature BMC Nursing 19:32

Bagnasco A, Dasso N, Rossi S, Timmins F, Watson R, Aleo G, Catania G, Zanini M, Sasso L (2020) A cross sectional multisite exploration of Italian paediatric nurses’ reported burnout and its relationship to perceptions of clinical safety and adverse events using the RN4CAST@IT-Ped Journal of Advanced Nursing doi:10.1111/jan.14401

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