Recent publications – Roger Watson

Recent publications – Roger Watson

Rehman S, Likupe G, McFarland A, Watson R (2022) Evaluating a spaced retrieval intervention for mealtime difficulty in older adults with dementia living in nursing homes using a single-case study design Nursing Open (accepted)

Uyar F, Dilek O, Watson R (2022) The Edinburgh Feeding Evaluation in Dementia (EdFED) Scale: A Turkish Validity and Reliability Study International Journal of Nursing Older People doi: 10.1111/opn.12470

Chaychoowong K, Barrett D, Watson R (2022) Predictors of patient delay among pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Northeast Thailand Journal of Infection Prevention doi: 10.1177/17571774221094164

Bagnasco A, Dasso N, Barisone S, Aleo G, Watson R, Catania G, Zanini M, Sasso L (2022) Exploring care left undone in paediatric nursing Journal of Patient Safety (accepted; authorship order to be updated)

Catania G, Bagnasco A, Pozzi F, Aleo G, Watson R, Hayter M, Sasso L (2022) Core competencies for family and community nurses: a European e-Delphi study Nurse Education in Practice doi: 10.1016/j.nepr.2022.103296