NCUP Annual Education Lecture by Lord Martin Rees, 20th February 2013

In the keynote NCUP Annual Education Lecture, Lord Professor Martin Rees  considered some of the problems faced by UK Universities from an uncertain future with constraints on funds, both public and private and the ever growing impact of distance learning.  Such burdens do not affect overseas competitors to the same extent:[…]

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Networking event with Baroness Susan Greenfield, 25th July 2013

This networking event took place at the Attlee Room, Westminster Palace London SW1A 0PW on Thursday, 25th July 2013. Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE, is a British scientist, writer, broadcaster and member of the House of Lords.  Specialising in the physiology of the brain, Susan researches the impact of 21st century technologies on the[…]

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Languages and Internationalisation : Globalisation and the 21st Century University

Held on the 1st July 2009 at Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. Please see links to the presentations: Professor Susan Bassnet, PVC, University of Warwick Talked about ‘Navigating Multilingual Waters’ Link Dr Marina Mozzon-McPherson, University of Hull ‘Internationalisation of the Science Curriculum: A Partnership between Modern Languages and Four[…]

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Annual General Meetings

  The NCUP holds an Annual General Meeting and such other Special Assemblies as may be called by the Council or requested by at least 20 members. Annual General Meetings have been held each year since 1990. A distinguished invited speaker usually starts the afternoon meeting with a talk on a relevant[…]

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The Case for Universities

Published September 1996 Abstract This paper presents the case for Universities as institutions which by fostering a tradition of scholarship provide knowledge and expertise for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole and are major contributors through research and innovation to the economic competitiveness and quality of life[…]

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Commitment to Scholarship and Research in Universities

Published June 1993 Summary This document affirms the commitment of all universities to sustain scholarly activities complementary to teaching. Notwithstanding recent developments towards increased selectivity in funding policies, we emphasise that nearly all academics are capable of worthwhile scholarship and research. We hold that conservation of this widely valuable resource[…]

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Improving Public Opinion of Universities

Published July 1992 Summary This document focuses on advantages that the university system can gain by better public relations. In §l we note current shortcomings and emphasise the need for convincing publicity about both the particulars and the overall national importance of higher education. In §2 the characteristics of university[…]

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Higher Education: A New Framework

Commentary on the Government’s White Paper Published November 1991 This document incorporates comments received from many members of the NCUP in response to a preliminary version circulated as Green Paper No. 3 in August 1991. The document represents a clear consensus, but on several of the points discussed differing opinions[…]

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The Role of the Professoriate

Published May 1991 Summary This paper reviews the general responsibilities of University professors and the capabilities that professors need in order to fulfil them. With reference both to traditional duties of scholarly leadership and to new duties of management, the aim is to affirm the professoriate’s distinctive role in assuring[…]

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Quality-Control of Teaching Standards

Published October 1990 The Constituent Assembly of the NCUP in December 1989 agreed unanimously that the preservation of high academic standards is and should remain the responsibility of individual universities, being an important obligation that is largely incumbent on the professoriate but is shared by all members of each university’s[…]

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